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We are delighted to mention that through executing and conveying property in and around Chennai and in other districts of Tamil Nadu, we have strengthened our relationship with 2500 joyful hearts. However, our happiness does not come from selling; rather, it comes from deepening our relationship with the community in which we live and doing everything in our power to maintain the trust that we have built over the years. We don't promote ourselves; instead, we extend an invitation to grow and cherish life with us. We have a strong bond with each and every person who has joined us on our path. We spent years claiming, sailing, galloping, etc. to get to where we are now.

It is on the couch of comfort that we cradle them as they repeat and rejoice in their relationship with us as their esteemed customer to grow with us. The property that we deliver remains valuable and has enriched sentimental value for our client. We claim to say that more than what we sell, we have earned a permanent, everlasting value in each and every person who has contacted and valued us. We only just began ovulating in 2008 as a small venture in the Chennai suburbs under the name and style of SP-Promoters, promoted by Mr. Selvaraj and Mr. Venkatesan. Later, it turned into Right Choice- SP Promoter Pvt. Ltd. More specifically, we are astonished that we have delivered 3000 units of land and buildings over 20 projects. It is more accurate to state that all of us did it than that we did it. We thank each and every person who has helped us along the way and are incredibly grateful that we are able to survive and grow. Thanks to the blessing of the Almighty. We are amazed to share the news that we are in the good books of the multinational that ventured with us and are glad to tell you that we are able to have an enormous land bank for our future project.

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